The internet is going nuts over the upcoming ITU conference coming up. It’s where the countries come and discuss telecommunication standards. However, quite a bit of people have declared it evil that the ITU is trying to get a power grab over the internet. Especially, they say, as Russia and China are trying to pass proposals to restrict the internet. And the government are evil in the internet.

However, the ITU is also a great opportunity to force other countries to open up their internet, for example China, Russia, etc. You see, you can think of many more countries that support the internet. Just think, adding more than a billion people from the censored net, into the free net. That would be certainly be good. There are some risk to this. For example, there needs to be more countries that support the free internet than ones that oppose it. However, if we played our cards right, we might free billions of people. This is pandora’s box, and we’re opening it.

NOTE: if anyone who thinks that the Internet’s fine as it is, YOU’RE WRONG! The Internet has been censored to at least 40 different countries, and more are considering being added to the list.