Finding a use for your old PC is easy. Doing it is hard. Today, I tried turning the same computer into a DDR machine I could use. I was planning to hook up the video out port, to the video in port, and to use the speakers as the sound. Then, I’ll install Stepmania onto it, and to connect my pad into it. Simple right? Not really.

When I lugged my huge desktop downstairs, and tried connecting the desktop to the tv, I realized the Tv out port turned out to be an audio output, and it isn’t even strong. So I had to lug the huge monitor down. I tried placing it in the cabinet, but it wouldn’t fit. Because of that, I had to relocate the machine, with it’s monitor, with the sound onto a desk. I’ve managed to set it up, just so the pad would refuse to recognize the machine. So I had to lug 3 drivers, tried 4 configuation for each, until I found the right configuation. What a day. I thought, as I left the basement. Then what’s next? My mom found space to place my DDR machine, so I had to take it apart, bring it back, and set it up again. All this work to get a DDR machine to work.

In the end, saying what to do with an old computer is easier than actually doing it.