The internet is going nuts over the upcoming ITU conference coming up. It’s where the countries come and discuss telecommunication standards. However, quite a bit of people have declared it evil that the ITU is trying to get a power grab over the internet. Especially, they say, as Russia and China are trying to pass proposals to restrict the internet. And the government are evil in the internet.

However, the ITU is also a great opportunity to force other countries to open up their internet, for example China, Russia, etc. You see, you can think of many more countries that support the internet. Just think, adding more than a billion people from the censored net, into the free net. That would be certainly be good. There are some risk to this. For example, there needs to be more countries that support the free internet than ones that oppose it. However, if we played our cards right, we might free billions of people. This is pandora’s box, and we’re opening it.

NOTE: if anyone who thinks that the Internet’s fine as it is, YOU’RE WRONG! The Internet has been censored to at least 40 different countries, and more are considering being added to the list.


This post from Jeff Atwood has triggered an outraged on the internet, with responses from here, and here. It seems that he’s the lone guy going against this general opinion that everyone should learn to program, as in full-fledged program. However, it seems that from a surface, both are arguing with opposing thesis, and that one cannot exist with the other.

However, I’ve noticed that if you let it sink in, you’ll notice that the post is rather not a rant about anyone learning to code, but rather a rant against the idea that anyone can program (as a software developer) and get a job with it. This makes the opposing argument moot, since he didn’t argue against anyone wanting to code. And that, I support. You see, programming as a professional doesn’t make much sense at all. If everyone did that, it’ll just distract from their job.

Personally, I think that it’s a fine idea to have kids learn to program, and get their feet wet. Like anything else, like learning a new language, or learning to picture a frame. All of them will help make a “well-rounded student”, and everyone will benefit from a bit. I support an expanded courses of programming (4 years of it) in high school, and have it be a math program (for reference, it’s based in Ontario’s curriculum). However, giving them an advantage over other things, such as woodworking, the sciences, etc. and putting them with the 3 Rs, probably isn’t a good idea. Since first, you’ll need to know math and programming is just an extension of that. And second, you won’t know less about critical thinking, as these thing can be taught in other subjects, like philosophy, and math. And no, not learning to program will not prevent you from getting a job. It’s the other things that will, communication, working, attitude, etc.

In the end, it doesn’t hurt to program, and it’ll probably help you a bit on your job, but don’t expect to get left behind on life if you don’t learn to program. Nor should you expect to be a super-employee, and be more valued, simply because you know how to program.

Ok, it looks like I’m not getting an old laptop anytime soon, so until then, I’m going to use a virtual machine. It does give me an idea of how applications work in old PC, but I’ll probably have no idea of how hardware limitation will effect the performance. But it does allow me to install windows 98. So I wouldn’t have to let this blog die. When I got into setup, my first impression was, “Woah, this looks old….” For a moment, I thought I was installing Windows 3.1. More later…

So as my old pc is being used for a DDR machine now, I have no old computers. So I need to look out for one that’s sitting in a trash can, or a yard sale what sells them for cheap. 🙂

Finding a use for your old PC is easy. Doing it is hard. Today, I tried turning the same computer into a DDR machine I could use. I was planning to hook up the video out port, to the video in port, and to use the speakers as the sound. Then, I’ll install Stepmania onto it, and to connect my pad into it. Simple right? Not really.

When I lugged my huge desktop downstairs, and tried connecting the desktop to the tv, I realized the Tv out port turned out to be an audio output, and it isn’t even strong. So I had to lug the huge monitor down. I tried placing it in the cabinet, but it wouldn’t fit. Because of that, I had to relocate the machine, with it’s monitor, with the sound onto a desk. I’ve managed to set it up, just so the pad would refuse to recognize the machine. So I had to lug 3 drivers, tried 4 configuation for each, until I found the right configuation. What a day. I thought, as I left the basement. Then what’s next? My mom found space to place my DDR machine, so I had to take it apart, bring it back, and set it up again. All this work to get a DDR machine to work.

In the end, saying what to do with an old computer is easier than actually doing it.

So after installing K-Meleon, I decided to install a media player. I started at looking Windows Media player. But Since I already removed it from my computer, I looked at VLC. It’s a good player, but It lagged when I tried playing a high def video. Next, I decided to install windows media player classic, with cccp codecs. But, the audio didn’t sync. 😦 As a last resort, I googled it. (In a way, it’s like an all knowing thing… 😉  ) So I got MPlayer for windows. It was a lot faster than VLC, while using a 3rd of the resources. Nice. I think I’m going to keep it.

So I needed a browser that runs well in my computer, and I couldn’t use Firefox, it was just too slow. So I tried looking for a way to find a lightweight browser by googling it. And it spitted out K-meleon. K-Meleon is a rewrite of Firefox, without using it’s heavy interface, instead, using the ones built into windows xp, reducing memory use, unlike Firefox, which hogs up memory like no tommorrow. (I know, chrome kills memory faster)

And the performance is quite impressive. It only uses 30 Mb, and that’s using WordPress, which is heavy. So at the moment, I’m going to stick with K-Meleon, a good compromise between looks (flash) and performance. 🙂

So this past week, I’ve been busy with my school work, and didn’t find the time to make a post. However, I’ve managed to further tweak Windows Xp, by disabling all visual effects. It reduced the memory usage quite heavily.
A 20mb decrease, quite impressive. 🙂 Even though you sacrifice your visual theme, it does leave you more memory for flash 😀 So if you’re computer is slow, try doing this:

1. Start, Right click My computer and click properties
2. Go on the advance tab
3. Under performance, click the settings button
4. Under visual effects, click adjust for best performance
5. Close everything, You’re done!

Of course, without drivers, our computers wouldn’t do anything. So having good drivers is an essential. So after installing the updates, and the drivers. The page file is less than 125 mb:

Not bad, considering the driver’s a huge thing, and normally, it’d hit the 200 mb mark. I’m installing some lightweight applications right now, so I can try them out. 🙂

So I decided to start fresh, by installing windows XP. Unlike previous times I’ve reinstalled it, this time Istripped it down using nLite, while adding SP3, so I could go with less trouble installing SP3, and striping windows XP. So I’ve managed to reduce it by 169mb.reduced by 169 mb!

So I will burn the cd, and reinstall the stripped XP.